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0  Settings      Home cobol.se (this page)               User ID .: ELVIS

1  View          COBOL facts                             Time. . .:

2  Edit          cobol.se forum (in Swedish)             Terminal.: 3278

3  Utilities     About cobol.se                          Screen. .: 1

4  Foreground    Cobolator - the protector               Language.: ENGLISH

5  Batch         ----------------------------            Appl ID .: COBOL

6  Command       Enter TSO or Workstation commands       TSO logon: IKJACCT

7  Dialog Test   Perform dialog testing                  TSOprefix: PRESLEY

8  LM Facility   Library administrator functions         System ID: SC04

9  IBM Products  IBM program development products        MVS acct.: ACCNT#

10 SCLM          SW Configuration Library Manager        Release .: ISPF 5.2

11 Workplace     ISPF Object/Action Workplace

M  More          Additional IBM Products

Enter X to Terminate using log/list defaults

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